Cursed Aces

Aces become curses that stay in front of you until broken. Once broken, the card is taken out of the game and you may use another curse.

The Beast

You must attack those you meet, and they must attack you; otherwise, avoid them or leave the board, as they must too.
The curse brakes if you are defeated in an arrow attack.

The Baron

When rolling for a troll cossing or ride, you may always bargain out the lowest die. But, if you get a double, you must pay all in gold or take yourself off the board.
The curse brakes if you do pay a vendor gold after rolling a double.

The Damsel

Before your turns end, you may reveal any amount of hearts in front of you. In order for others to enter where you are, they must show at least the same ammount or they are kicked off the board. You may not add or remove hearts during other's turn.
The curse brakes if someone meets you showing more hearts than you.

The Hermit

You may not enter hexes claimed by others, but may leave the Underground without discarding clovers. Also, if you encounter any player who has not had it, pass this curse to them inmediately removing any curse they may have.
The curse breaks upon reaching the last player.

Curse rules are still being tested and subject to change.
Check out this page for updates and participate in the discussion below.